2013-14 SP Authentic Hockey features the ’13/14 Double Rookie Class with (3) Autograph Cards Per Box – including (1) Autographed Future Watch Rookie Card! Spectacular Case Hits include: (2-3) Autographed Patch Cards & (3) Premium Autographs (including Multi-Player, ’93-’94 SP Retro Variations, & Buybacks)! Also look for Autographed Future Watch Patches and Sign of the Times Multi-Player Autographs! GTS

Customers will also receive (2) Free GTS Exclusive Overtime Wave 2 Promo Packswith every box purchased!


Configuration: 12 boxes per case/20 packs per box/5 cards per pack


  • With Every Box of 13-14 SP Authentic Hockey purchased, customers will receive (2) Free Promotional Packs !!!
  • This promotion is EXCLUSIVE to GTS Distribution (U.S.) & Universal Distribution (Canada)
  • Two different packs are available (Pre-Order Packs or Regular Packs)
  • Note! Pre-Order Packs have exclusive content not available in Regular Packs

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Every 2013-14 Sp Authentic Hockey Box contains (on average):

  • (3) Autograph Cards – includes (1) Autographed Future Watch RC
  • (2) Future Watch Cards (unsigned)
  • (4-5) Authentic Moments
  • (1-2) Authentic Moments (multi-player)
  • (5) ’93-94 SP Retro Cards
  • (2-3) ’93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates
  • (1) ’93-94 SP Retro Premier Prospects

* All content listed is an average of the entire production run

Every 2013-14 Sp Authentic Hockey case contains (on average):

    • (2-3) Autographed Patch Cards
    • (3) Premium Autographs (…see attached PDF for breakdown)

* All content listed is an average of the entire production run

2013-14 Sp Authentic Hockey PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3) Autograph Cards Per Boxincludes at least (1) Autographed Future Watch Rookie Card
  • Future Watch Limited Autograph Patch Cards – #’d to 100
  • (2-3) Limited Autographed Patch Cards Per Case– #’d to 100, 25 & 10
  • ’93-94 SP Retro Autographs, including:
  • Premier Prospects Gold Autos Silver Skates Veteran Autos & Rookie Autos
  • A Celebration of SP Hockey’s 20th Anniversary!
  • SP Retro Premier Prospects
  • ’93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates
  • Additional SP Authentic Autograph Sets include:Immortal Inks, Marks of Distinction, SP Chirography, & Premier Chirography
  • Authentic Moments Cards – featuring single, multi-player & gold paint pen signed versions
  • Sign of the Times Multi-Player Cards – highlighted by 6’s & 8’s

Additional Details & Images:


2013-14 NHL SP Authentic Checklist


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