2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines


Configuration: (6) display boxes per case/(10) mini boxes per display/(1) pack per mini box/(5) cards per pack*

* Each Pack contains 2 Base Cards plus 1 Base Parallel plus 1 Insert (combination of Topps Cageside, Bloodlines, UFC Inception & all of their Parallels) plus 1 Pack Hit Card (combination of Relics, Manufactured Relics, Autographs & Auto Relics)

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines – Bloodlines returns in 2013 to celebrate the global phenomenon that is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and its leading fighters from all over the world. Find Autographs & Memorabilia of fighters from Albania to Vietnam and everywhere else in between, all in one place! Look for Autograph & Relic cards from the new UFC Middleweight ChampionChris Weidman!

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines – MINI BOX GUARANTEES:

  • (1) Pack Hit – from Relics, Manufactured Relics, Autographs & Auto Relics
  • (1) Insert – from Topps Cageside, Bloodlines, UFC Inception & all of their Parallels
  • (1) Base Parallel Card
  • (2) Base Cards

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines – BOX GUARANTEES:

  • (2) Autograph Relics
  • (3) Autographs
  • (2) Jumbo or Dual Relics
  • (2) Relics
  • (1) Manufactured Relic

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines – PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Autographed Relic Cards:
    • Bloodlines Fighter Autographed Relics, Bloodlines Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards, Autographed Fight Mat Jumbo Relics, 2012 Champions Fighter Autograph Relic Book Card
  • Autographed Cards:
    • Countrymen Quad Autograph Book Card, 2012 Champions Octograph Book Card, International Airmail Dual Autographs, Bloodlines Dual Autographs, Fighter Autographs, Red Ink Autograph Parallels, Topps Octagon-side Autographs, Bloodlines Autographs, Global Championship Conflict Dual Autographs… and parallels.
  • Jumbo & Dual Relic Cards:
    • Bloodlines Dual Relics, Bloodlines Fighter Jumbo Relics, Jumbo Fight Mat Relics… and parallels.
  • Relic Cards:
    • Bloodlines Fighter Relics… and parallels.
  • Commemorative Relic Cards:
    • Octagon Coins… and parallels.
  • Sketch Cards:
    • Bloodlines Sketch Cards – Each card is a unique piece of artwork hand-drawn by a Topps artist of select UFC fighters and personalities.
  • Insert Cards:
    • Uncut Sheet Flag Parallel Redemptions, Uncut Sheet Redemptions, UFC Octagon-side, Bloodlines, Bloodlines and Topps Octagon-side Parallels
  • Base Cards & Parallels:
    • (150) Base Cards
    • (4) Parallel Levels – #’d 188, 88, 8 & 1 of 1



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