2014-15 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey is totally reconfigured for 2014-15, and is designed to provide a whole NEW collecting experience! Ultimate Collection delivers (4) Premium Autograph or Memorabilia Hits plus (1) 2004-05 Retro card #’d to 299 and (1) Base card #’d to 299 in Every Box/Pack!!


Configuration: 10 boxes/1 pack/6 cards*
* Each pack contains (4) Premium Autograph/Memorabilia Hits, (1) Retro Card and (1) Base Card

2014-15 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey pack/Box HITS:

  • (4) Premium Autograph or Memorabilia Hits
  • (1) Retro Card #’d to 299
  • (1) Base Card #’d to 299

2014-15 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey case Hits:

  • (10) Autographed Rookies
  • (10) Premium Autographs (excluding Auto Shields)
  • (20) Premium Memorabilia Cards (including Tags & Buttons)

2014-15 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (4) Premium Autograph or Memorabilia Hits in Every Pack/Box!
  • Look for an amazing assortment of Autographed 1-of-1 NHL Shield Patch cards!
  • Featuring up to 100 Ultimate Signature Logos and Autographed Rookie Shields!
  • Pull Autographed Rookie Cards, #’d to 299 & 99!
    • Showcasing the Best Rookies of 2014-15
    • Ultimate continues to always feature On-Card Signatures!
  • NEW! Find Obsidian Silver Script cards, featuring Silver Paint Pen Autos on Black Paper!
    • These slick-looking signature cards are one-upped by Silver Script Materials parallels, housing over-sized swatches (#’d up to 25), and 2-Player Script Combos (#’d to 10)!
  • NEW! Look for Rare Materials, including triple patch, stick and strap versions!
  • NEW! Pull Ultimate Gear memorabilia cards, delivering a stunning array of high-end cards, including 4-piece combos & 6-piece trios – all with Patch, Stick & Fight Strap button variations.
  • Look for an all-new selection of Ultimate Signature Masterpieces, featuring art framed in gold deco, with gold paint pen signatures to match!
    • All original painted cards will be dropped into the product mix as mega-hit 1-of-1’s!
  • Collect 10th Anniversary 2004-05 Retro cards, including a 50-card base set, and signatures insert!


 2014-15 NHL Ultimate Collection Hockey Product Breakdown


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