2014 Bowman Baseball Releases Today!

2014 Bowman Baseball Blue Wave Refractor2014 Bowman Baseball Releases Today!

2014 Bowman® Baseball Releases Today with All-New Blue/Black/Orange Wave Refractor Hot Packs!

Collectors starting to rip packs of 2014 Bowman Baseball today might notice a new addition to the product – exclusive Blue WaveBlack Wave and Orange Wave refractor hot packs. Select hobby/jumbo packs will contain five Bowman Chrome Prospect Cards with either all Blue Wave Refractors or Black Wave Refractors. Random retail packs will include five Orange Wave Refractors of Bowman Chrome Prospect Cards. Also, be on the lookout for a chance to pull Autographed Wave parallels in each hot pack.

Bowman – The First Place to Find the Game’s Future Stars.


 2014 Bowman Baseball Releases Today!
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