2015-16 SP Game-Used Hockey delivers (5) Premium Autographed or Memorabilia Hits in Every Box! Every Inner Shipper (Half-Case) will have at least (1) Super Premium Hit and (1) Net Cord Card!
Configuration: 20 boxes*/1 pack/4 cards5
* Each case contains (2) 10-box inner shippers

2015-16 SP Game-Used Hockey pack/Box HITS:

  • (2) Rookie Cards
  • (2) Veteran Cards

2015-16 SP Game-Used Hockey case Hits:

  • (2) Super Premium Hits (at least, 1 per inner)
  • (2) Net Cord Cards (at least, 1 per inner)

2015-16 SP Game-Used Hockey PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (5) Premium Autographed or Memorabilia Hits in Every Box! (Unless displaced by a Veteran or Rookie Base Card #’d to the player’s jersey number!)
  • NEW for 2015!! –
    • Media Guide Booklet Cards featuring Jersey, Patch or Tag from a combination of players and #’d as low as 3!!
    • Jersey & Patch Sets from marquee events including: 2015 All-Star Skills, 2015 Rookie Phenom & 2015 Stadium Series
  • 2015-16 Rookie Class Base Cards – #’d to players jersey number!
    • Player’s actual jersey number will be signed, creating unique 1-of-1’s!
    • Autograph, Jersey & Patch Parallels
  • Net Cord Cards from more marquee events including: 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, Stadium Series, NHL Winter Classic & Heritage Classic along with Vintage Winter Classic & Heritage Classic games!
  • Supreme Patches, Supreme Gloves & Pads from a selection of the game’s top stars with incredible 1”x 2.75” Swatches of Ultra-Premium, Game-Used Material, #’d to 15!
  • Draft Day MarksPremium Lettermen cards featuring the top Rookies, #’d to 35 or less!
  • Game Gear (#’d to 3) – All-Star Skills Game Gear & Stadium Series Game Gear!



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