2015 Panini Black Gold Football Checklist – This product promises to deliver some of the biggest hits of the NFL collecting season to date. Dynamic content, vivid designs and BIG hits will make this a well received product by dealers, collectors and group case breakers alike.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist here: 2015 Panini Black Gold Football Checklist.

2015 Panini Black Gold Football delivers (2) Autographed Cards or Autographed Memorabilia Cards, (2) Additional Memorabilia, Autograph or Gold Disc Cards PLUS (2) Manufactured Metal Logos and (2) Shadowbox Inserts and (2) Shadowbox Base Cards in Every Box!

For more details about 2015 Panini Black Gold Football, please visit the product page.

2015 Panini Black Gold Checklist – Image Gallery

For an even LARGER image gallery of 2015 Panini Black Gold Football click here.

Also, see a four-box break at The Knight’s Lance.

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