2015 Topps Apex Soccer

2015 Topps Apex Soccer presents MLS in a way it has never been seen before. Every Box delivers (2) Autographs and (1) Crest JUMBO Relic or Dual Relic!


Configuration: 8 master boxes**/2 mini boxes*/32 cards
* (1) autograph per mini box
** (1) relic card per master box

2015 Topps Apex Soccer Box Hits:

  • (2) Autograph Cards
  • (1) Crest JUMBO Relic or Dual Relic Card

2015 Topps Apex Soccer case Hits:

  • (1) Match Day Die-Cut Autograph Relic Card

2015 Topps Apex Soccer PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Topps Apex Soccer will present MLS like you’ve never seen it before, with:
    • Revamped Thematic Content that includes player pairings and dual cards
    • Artistically-Inspired Card Designs
    • New Autograph Subjects, including internationally renowned superstar David Villa and MLS icon Jorge Campos
    • Appealing Price Point that welcomes ALL levels of collectors
  • (2) Autographs in Every Master Box!
    • Base Autograph Parallel Gold #’ing TBD, Orange #’d to 25 Hobby Only!, Red #’d to 5, Black #’d 1/1
    • Now & Then Dual Autographs – #’ing TBD
    • Dual Autographs – Themed subject pairings #’ing TBD
    • Match Day Die-Cut Autograph Relic1 Per Case!
      • Parallels for Now & Then, Duals & Match Day will include, but not limited to: Red #’d to 5 & Black #’d 1/1
  • (1) Crest JUMBO Relic Hobby Only! or Dual Relic in Every Box!
    • Crest ParallelsGold #’ing TBD, Orange #’d to 25, Red Patch #’d to 5, Black Adidas #’d /1, Printing Plates #’d 1/1
    • Dual Parallels Red #’d to 5, Black #’d /1, Printing Plates #’d 1/1
  • Insert Cards include:
    • Captains, Alliances, Base Card SPs (Players not included in the base set)
      • Parallels include, but are not limited to – Gold #’ing TBD, Orange #’d to 25 Hobby Only!, Red #’d to 5, Black #’d 1/1, Printing Plates #’d 1/1
  • Base Cards – (100) – including Rookies: Mix Diskerud, David Villa, Sebastian Giovinco and Frank Lampard!
    • ParallelsGold #’ing TBD, Orange #’d to 25 Hobby Only!, Red #’d to 5, Black #’d 1/1, Printing Plates #’d 1/1



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