2015 Topps Archives Baseball Checklist is LIVE! – Set for release in just one week, next Wednesday June 10th, 2015 Topps Archives Baseball is always an eagerly anticipated product. This year’s version will prove to be no different.

2015 Topps Archives Baseball Guarantees (2) Autographs Signed On-Card in Every Box! Loaded with NEW Insert & Autograph Sets; including the ‘57 and ‘76 Topps designs! Additionally, Topps will pay tribute to the late Tony Gwynn by featuring the 1983 Topps design, renowned for its Gwynn rookie card. 2015 Topps Archives Baseball will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic 1990 Topps design and feature a collectible Presidential Chronicles subset with Cut Signatures.

A downloadable version of the checklist is now available: 2015 Topps Archives Baseball Checklist.

2015 Topps Archives Baseball Checklist is LIVE! Image Gallery

2015 Topps Archives Baseball Checklist is LIVE!
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