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2015 Topps Heritage Baseball…Gum Stains? Remember the days when you got a stick of gum in a pack of baseball cards? The smell lingered on the pieces of cardboard and the sweet treat lasted for hours.

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball is bringing back some of those memories with special limited Gum Damage back cards. The cards mimic a stain left by a stick of gum and if you get close enough, you might even smell it. (image attached)

There are three different patterns found throughout 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball, but the cards are rare pulls and appear on all 500 subjects in the base card set.

Heritage Baseball releases today with an homage to 1966 Topps Baseball using today’s stars and rookies. Look for 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball in local hobby shops and retail outlets. For more information, visit the product page.


2015 Topps Heritage Baseball…Gum Stains
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