2015 Topps UFC Champions delivers (4) Autographed Cards in Every Box and (1) Parallel in Every Pack! Returning for a second year with All-New content, 2015 UFC Champions looks to pack a bigger punch with even more value.
Configuration: 12 boxes/20 packs/10 cards*
* Each pack contains (9) Base Cards and (1) Parallel

2015 Topps UFC Champions pack HITS:

  • (1) Parallel Card

2015 Topps UFC Champions Box Hits:

  • (4) Autographed Cards
  • (20) Parallels

2015 Topps UFC Champions PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (4) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • Fighter Autographs – Over 40 fighters and personalities from the UFC are showcased with their autographs. First-time signers will receive an additional ”First Issue” designation.
      • Parallels: Red #’d to 8, Platinum #’d 1/1
    • NEW! Scarlet Signatures – Special fighter autograph cards featuring signatures in red ink, #’d TBD
    • NEW! Fight Poster Review Autographs – Iconic UFC fight posters are displayed with one of the participating fighter’s autographs., #’d to 25
    • NEW! Fightings Future Autographs – A selection of up-and-coming greats highlighted alongside their signatures, #’d to 25
    • NEW! Championship Clashes Autographs – Some of the most memorable UFC Championship fights are depicted on cards with a fighter’s autograph, #’d to 25
    • NEW! Championship Clashes Dual Autographs – #’d to 10
  • Insert Cards
    • Fight Poster Review – 25 of the most memorable events are showcased with a reproduction of the night’s Fight Poster
    • Fighting’s Future – UFC’s newest crop of up-and-coming fighters comprise this set of 25 cards
    • Championship Clashes – 25 spectacular battles for a UFC title are celebrated in this multi-decade spanning collection
  • Base Cards – (200) of the most collectible UFC fighters and personalities from the past and present, including current champions, past title-holders, future contenders, and UFC rookies.
    • Parallels – (1) Per Pack!Silver, Black #’d to 188, Blue #’d to 88, Gold #’d to 25, Red #’d to 8, Platinum #’d 1/1



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