2015 Topps UFC Chronicles

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles delivers (5) Autographed or Relic Cards, (50) Parallels and (30) Inserts in Every Box! – Making it’s trading card debut, UFC Chronicles reflects on the history of the sport, showcasing fan favorites, champions and up-and-coming fighters.

Configuration: 6 boxes/10 packs/40 cards*
* Each pack contains (32) Base Cards, (5) Parallels and 93) Insert Cards

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles pack HITS:

  • (5) Parallels
  • (3) Insert Cards

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles Box Hits:

  • (5) Autographed or Relic Cards
  • (50) Parallels
  • (30) Insert Cards

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles case Hits:

  • (1) Victorious Debut Manufactured Medallions

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (5) Autographed or Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • Autographed Relic Cards –
      • Chronicles Autograph Relics – More than 30 fighters with autograph and fight-worn relic
        • Parallels Red #’d to 8, Sepia #’d 1/1
      • Autographed JUMBO Fight Mat Relics – 15 fighters highlighted with autograph and JUMBO canvas swatch
      • Fighting Legacy Dual Auto Relics – UFC icons paired with contemporary successor, #’d to 10
    • Autographed Cards –
      • Chronicle Autographs – More than 50 leading fighters and UFC personalities from the sport’s history
        • Parallels Red #’d to 8, Sepia #’d 1/1
      • Octagon of Honor – Showcasing Hall of Famers, title holders, TUF winners and record breakers, #’d to 25
      • Victorious Debut – #’d to 25
      • Fighting Legacy Dual Autographs – #’d to 25
    • Relic Cards –

      • Chronicle Relics – Up to 40 UFC fighters featured with a fighter-worn relic
        • Parallels Red #’d to 8, Sepia #’d 1/1
      • Chronicles Dual Relics – Pairs of rivals and partners
      • JUMBO Fight Mat Relics – Up to 15 fighters featured
      • Victorious Debut Manufactured Medallions – Cards featuring victorious fighters in their UFC debut match with a medallion highlighting the method of victory – 1 Per Case!
    • Insert Cards – (30) Per Box!
      • Victorious Debut, Octagon of Honor, Climbing the Ranks, Fight Poster Review
    • Base Cards (300) – (32) Per Pack! – Chronicling UFC history with fighters, personalities, a The Ultimate Fighter retrospective, and great UFC highlights.
      • Parallels (5) Per Pack!Silver, Green #’d to 288, Black & White #’d to 188, Gold #’d to 88, Red #’d to 8, Sepia #’d 1/1
    • Buyback Program
      • Topps is featuring a great buyback program that longtime fans of the UFC and Topps cards are not going to want to miss. Collectors can find redemptions for: Full boxes (including Round 1), Packs and Full sets
      • Buyback singles, including autographs and relics, from the first five Topps UFC products (Round 1, 2009 Topps, Main Event, 2010 Topps, and 2010 Knockout) will also be randomly inserted into boxes of Chronicles. Each card will receive a special foil stamp.



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