2016 Topps Strata Baseball Cards Checklist – Releasing this Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 is a brand from Topps that has brought new meaning to memorabilia authentication. The advent of the MLB Authentication program for game-used material has been used to document player worn relic cards found in Topps Strata.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist here: 2016 Topps Strata Baseball Cards Checklist.

2016 Topps Strata Baseball Cards delivers (1) Strata Relic Card and (1) Autograph Card in Every Box! Autographed Strata Relic Cards will be found in Every Other Box! The Clearly Authentic subset will, once again, showcase Autographs as well as Game-Used Relics that have been MLB Authenticated! Collectors will be able to track where and when a relic was used with the MLB Authentication Hologram that will be affixed to EVERY relic piece in the set.

For more information about 2016 Topps Strata Baseball Cards, please visit the product page.

2016 Topps Strata Baseball Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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