2017 Topps Holiday Packs Promotion!

2017 Topps Holiday Packs Promotion! – Topps is launching a customer appreciation program to kick off the 2017 Holiday Season!!

As a special thank you to hobby stores, beginning November 17th, Topps will be providing exclusive 2017 Topps Holiday packs at no charge to brick-and-mortar stores in support of the remarkable 2017 Topps baseball card season.

2017 Topps Holiday packs will feature the top prospect and veteran names from 2017 Bowman Baseball products. In addition, shops will receive special Topps Holiday posters to promote the event.

2017 Topps Holiday packs will be allocated base on sales support of 2017 Topps baseball card products.

Each participating store is asked to start the Topps Holiday customer appreciation program on November 17th. As always, Topps expects that all stores to be compliant within the rules of the program guidelines as follows.

  • Consumers are to receive a free Topps Holiday pack if $10 or more of Topps products are purchased.
  • Packs are not to be resold on the secondary market.

For those stores who do not follow these guidelines, they will be at risk of being removed from Topps promotions in the future.

Topps will also partner with stores to expand their social media presence. Topps is using the hashtag #ToppsHoliday to support the Topps Holiday program. Those stores that use this term will be re-shared by our Topps social media team on our websites and social media platforms.

Your GTS sales representative will be providing more information regarding individual store allocations A.S.A.P.

Happy Holidays from Topps and GTS Distribution!!

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.

2017 Topps Holiday Packs Promotion!2017 Topps Holiday Packs Promotion!

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