2018-19 Panini Treble Soccer Cards

2018-19 Panini Treble Soccer Cards delivers (1) Autographed Jersey Card, (2) Additional Autographed or Memorabilia Cards plus (2) Inserts, (3) Parallels (#’d to 75 or less) and (1) Panini Premiere Rookie Card in Every Box! This NEW BRAND celebrates club soccer teams throughout the world and marks the first-time collectors can pull TRUE Rookie Cards of up-and-coming players!

Additional Information

2018-19 Panini Treble Soccer Cards
Configuration: 10 boxes*/3 packs/5 cards
* 2x 5-count inners

2018-19 Panini Treble Soccer Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Autographed Jersey Card
  • (2) Additional Autographed or Memorabilia Cards
  • (2) Inserts
  • (3) Parallels (#’d to 75 or less)
  • (1) Panini Premiere Rookie Card

2018-19 Panini Treble Soccer Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Jersey Card in Every Box!
    • Jersey Autographs
    • Dynamic Jersey Autographs
  • (2) Additional Autographed or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Look for seven distinct autograph inserts that feature superstars from around the world including:
      • First Ink – Be on the hunt for this set that showcases the debut autographs of players such as Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio!
      • Zenith Signatures – Featuring stars from the past and present!
        • Parallels: Red #’d to 50 or less, Gold #’d to 25 or less, Platinum #’d 1/1
      • Sticker Tribute Signatures – Celebrate the heritage of Panini FIFA World Cup Stickers!! Featuring an official Panini FIFA World Cup sticker and the player’s autograph! Look for players from throughout World Cup history such as Diego Maradona and Rivaldo!
      • Treble Threads – Find stunning patch content! These memorabilia cards feature more than 20 players in their club kits.
        • Parallels: Red #’d to 35 or less, Gold #’d to 25 or less, Silver #’d to 10 or less, Platinum #’d 1/1
  • (2) Inserts in Every Box!
    • Team Chemistry – Showcases two club teammates
    • Midfield Majesty – Highlights some of the top midfielders in the world
    • New Sensations – Features 30 players who have recently joined new teams
    • Stallions20-card set LOADED with some of the strongest competitors in soccer
    • Atmosphere – Focuses on 15 dynamic players
    • Hidden Gems – A short-print set with FIVE of the biggest stars in the world!
  • Base Set2018-19 Treble Soccer has a 200-card set that contains 175 Base and 25 Panini Premiere RC Cards. All players are shown with their club teams, and the roster is made up of more than 20 teams from across the world! Look for superstars from FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC and more! Additionally, Treble marks the first cards of Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus!
  • (3) Parallels (#’d to 75 or less) in Every Box!
    • Parallels: Blue #’d to 75, Purple #’d to 49, Gold #’d to 25, Green #’d to 10, Platinum #’d 1/1


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