2018 Donruss Racing Cards

2018 Donruss Racing Cards delivers (3) Autographed Card or Memorabilia Cards, (9) Base Set Parallels and (12) Inserts/Insert Parallels in Every Box!

2018 Donruss Racing Cards

Configuration: 20 boxes/24 packs/10 cards

2018 Donruss Racing Cards Box Hits:

  • (3) Autographed Card or Memorabilia Cards
  • (9) Base Set Parallels
  • (12) Inserts/Insert Parallels

2018 Donruss Racing Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3) Autographed Card or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Rubber Relics Signatures – Features top drivers with a tire swatch and autograph.
    • Significant Signatures – Showcasing some of the more legendary drivers in the sport, along with a few current stars!
    • Studio Signatures – A nod to the classic Studio brand, these cards will have that same look and feel. the drivers will be pictured in black & white portrait style images!
      • Look for Parallels #’d to 25 or less and 1-of-1’s for the previous three.
    • Retro Signatures 1985 – Utilizing the history of the Donruss brand, these cards feature the 1985 design with a twist . . an autograph of one of the top drivers in the sport! A surefire winner!
  • (12) Inserts/Insert Parallels in Every Box!
    • Slingshot – These cards will be extremely scarce, like the Whammy cards in Donruss Baseball. They will feature some of the most iconic drivers in the sport and will be very collectible.
    • Elite Series – A staple of the Donruss brand!
    • Retro 1985 – An extension of the base set features cards with a blast from the past, a nostalgic 1985 Donruss design.
    • Retro 1985 Variations – Variations of the base versions which could include a name change or different image. A fun chase for set builders!


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