2018 Topps Archives Baseball Cards RETAIL

2018 Topps Archives Baseball Cards RETAIL returns in 2018 to showcase wide-ranging additions! Look for a comprehensive and diverse autograph checklist, NEW throwback ON-CARD autograph subsets and components commemorating the classic baseball movie The Sandlot!

Value Box Configuration: 16 boxes/7 packs plus (1) Bonus Pack/8 cards plus (2) Topps coins

Fat Pack Configuration: 1 box/108 Fat Packs/18 cards


  • Autographed Cards: This year’s autograph checklist will feature an array of baseball personalities and short-printed subjects along with Fan Favorites and active MLB greats to which Archives is accustomed
    • Fan Favorite Autographs – Featuring ON-CARD autographs of baseball personalities, fan favorites, retired greats and active MLB stars on vintage Topps card designs. Look for parallels: Purple (#’d/150), Silver (#’d/99), and Gold (#’d/1-of-1)
    • Topps Originals Autographs – Featuring an assortment of buybacks from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, signed by retired MLB stars. Sequentially numbered to 10
    • 1993 Topps All Stars Dual Autographs – Featuring a variation of the 1993 Topps All Stars design to include an ON-CARD autographs from the game’s biggest active stars and thematic pairs. Sequentially numbered to 25. Look for 1-of-1 Gold Foil Parallels!
    • NEW Coming Attraction Autographs Sequentially numbered. Look for Blue Parallels (#’d/25) and Gold Foil Parallels (#’d/1-of-1).
    • NEW The Sandlot Autograph Cards – Featuring actor autographs from the hit ’90s classic film. Look for Parallels: Silver (#’d/99), Blue (#’d/25) and Gold (#’d/1-of-1).
  • Insert Cards – 2018 Topps Archives Baseball will feature insert card subsets highlighting wide-ranging genres of trading cards.
    • NEW The Sandlot Insert Cards – Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film’s release and featuring images from the cult movie classic on the 1962 Topps design. Look for parallels: Green (#’d/99), Blue (#’d/25) and Gold Foil (#’d/1-of-1).
    • NEW 1959 Topps Combo Cards – Featuring today’s prolific player pairs on a recreate of the 1959 Topps Combo cards.
    • NEW 1977 Topps Turn Back the Clock – Featuring baseball events that occurred at previous moments in time, on a recreate of the 1977 Topps Turn Back the Clock design.
    • NEW 1981 Topps Future Stars – Featuring three players per team on a recreate of the 1981 Topps Future Stars design
    • NEW Coming Attraction – A recreate of the Coming Attraction design from 1993 Topps showcasing 2018’s biggest rookie names.
    • NEW Topps Rookie History – Recreating the most iconic rookie cards in Topps history. Look for parallels: Purple Foil Stamp (#’d/150), Green Foil Stamp (#’d/99), Blue Foil Stamp (#’d/50), Red Foil Stamp (#’d/10) and Gold Foil Stamp (#’d/1-of-1).
    • RETAIL VALUE BOX EXCLUSIVE 1980s Themed Topps Coins – Each Retail Value Box will contain a pack with (2) 1980s themed Topps Coins.
  • Base Cards – 2018 Archives will celebrate Topps’ renowned 1959, 1977 and 1981 designs across a 300-card base set. Look for a limited number of unannounced card variations, themed accordingly.
    • 1959 Topps – 100 Subjects
    • 1977 Topps – 100 Subjects
    • 1981 Topps – 100 Subjects
    • Parallels include, but are not limited to: Purple (#’d/175), Silver (#’d/99), HOBBY ONLY Blue (#’d/25), and Gold Foil (#’d/1-of-1).
    • Up to (10) Base Card Variations will also be included in this year’s release and will feature subtle differences from the Base Cards. LIMITED


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