2018 Topps Mysticons Fun Packs

2018 Topps Mysticons Fun Packs delivers (4) Base Story or Character Cards, (1) Activity Insert (Stickers, Coloring Cards or Temporary Tattoos, (1) Character Code Card in Every Pack! Mysticons is a new animated fantasy & adventure series airing now on Nickelodeon. These fun packs bring the action and adventure of the show to life with trading cards, stickers, and more! In stores February, 2018!

2018 Topps Mysticons Fun Packs

Starter Configuration: 8 trays/8 boxes/5 packs + 1 mini album (SRP $10)

Gravity Feed Configuration: 6 boxes/36 packs/6 cards (SRP $2)

Display Box Configuration: 12 boxes/ 24 packs/6 cards (SRP $2)

2018 Topps Mysticons Fun Packs PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Why YOUR Store Should Carry Topps Mysticon Fun Packs!
    • Mysticons is the #1 Series in its time slot across kids networks for Kids 2-11 and Girls 2-11!
    • Mysticons was also the #1 Series in its time slot across kids networks for Boys 2-11 during premiere week!
    • Over 3M views on Youtube and 1.5M views on Giphy!
    • 40 videos available on Youtube with 18M impressions!
    • Over 200,000 full episode views on the Nickelodeon app!
  • What/Who Are The Mysticons?
    • Mysticons is a contemporary urban fantasy series about four girls from different walks of life who are transformed into the legendary Mysticons.
    • Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper are drawn together by a Prophecy to battle evil and protect the realm – unexpected heroes who together become epic warriors as well as the closest of friends.
    • Mysticons premiered on Nickelodeon in August and is currently airing new episodes!
  • Digital Cross-Over!
    • The NEW Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina app features an exciting RPG adventure for all four heroes Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper!
      • Guide the Mysticons across a variety of battlefields where they fight evil and protect the realm!
    • Topps Mysticons Fun Packs include a code card in each pack that unlocks loot chests in the app that include special power-ups!
  • Other Licensing Partnerships!
    • Playmates will be releasing action figures based on the main characters, with Topps Mysticons promo cards inserted into packs of key figures.
    • The Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina app is available for download now.
    • MacMillan Publishing will be releasing Mysticons adventure books in Spring 2018.
    • Other licensing partnerships still to come!



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