2019-20 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards delivers (1) Acetate Rookie Patch Autographed Card, (2) Memorabilia Cards and (1) Additional Autographed Card plus (2) Base Set Cards including (1) Rookie GUARANTEED in Every Box!

Configuration: 10 boxes*/1 pack/6 cards

*2x 5-count inners

Box Hits:

  • (1) Acetate Rookie Patch Autographed Card
    • Serial numbering to 249 or less!
    • HARD SIGNED ON-CARD Autographs!
    • See Product Breakdown below for tiers & numbering.
    • Collect Horizontal Variants featuring 50 subjects. Numbered to 99!
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (1) Additional Autographed Card
  • (1) Rookie Base Card
  • (1) Veteran Base Card

2019-20 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Acetate Rookie Patch Autograph in Every Box!
    • Numbered to 249 or less! Featuring HARD-SIGNED autographs on acetate stock! Tier 1 is #’d to 249, Tier 2 is #’d to 149 and Tier 3 is #’d to 99!
    • NEW! Acetate Rookie Horizontal Variant cards feature top rookies! Each is numbered to 99 and sports a HARD-SIGNED autograph!
  • Collectors will swoon over the impressive stable of MEGA PATCH cards in this year’s edition of Premier. EVERY PATCH, whether a Chest Logo, a Sleeve Number, a Shoulder Logo or Commemorative Logo, comes from a GAME-WORN jersey. Each card is hand-numbered and none are numbered higher than 25!
  • NEW! Look for MORE HARD-SIGNED content! The beautiful 15-card Pursuing Greatness insert, numbered as low at 10, consists of active stars and the cream of the 2019-20 rookie crop. Each card is printed on PREMIUM 140-point stock and offers a massive signing area for a large autograph!
  • NEW! 2003-04 Premier Collection Retro Plexi Autos – An insert that is both RARE and diverse! The 20-card collection is made of up retired legends, top superstars and promising rookies! Each Card is printed on clear pexiglass and offers an ON-CARD autograph!
  • Each Card in the coveted Base SetPlatinum Blue Spectrum Auto Parallel is printed on PREMIUM 60-point stock, numbered to only 3 a sports a HARD-SIGNED autograph from some of the 50 biggest stars in the game today!
  • Memorable Premiers – This insert commemorates the debut game of 30 star veterans and rookies. Each patch parallel card is #’d to just 10 and the photo comes from the player’s first NHL game!


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