2019 Bowman Draft Baseball Cards Checklist – One of the most anticipated baseball products of the year’s hits hobby store shelves, online retailers and group breakers next Wednesday, December 4th. Over the past few weeks, the Topps Twitter feed has been providing a slow trickle of players featured on the autograph checklist. Now the full list has been released!

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2019 Bowman Draft Baseball Cards Hobby JUMBO & SUPER JUMBO will continue to be the first MLB licensed cards of the 2019 MLB Draft class that are available to the public. Bowman Draft Baseball is the very first trading card set that features base cards and autographs of the game’s future stars in their MLB uniforms! Find (3) Autographed Cards in every JUMBO Box and (5) Autographed Cards in every SUPER JUMBO box! Find NEW Bowman Scout’s Draft Pick Breakdown Autographed Cards – #’d to 99! Also look for Draft Progression – A triple-subject card featuring a team’s top prospects from the past 3 drafts! Bowman’s Scout Draft Pick Breakdown – Written breakdown of the top MLB 2019 draft picks!

For more information about 2019 Bowman Draft Baseball Cards, please visit the product page.

2019 Bowman Draft Baseball Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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