2020-21 Panini Prizm EPL Soccer Cards Checklist

2020-21 Panini Prizm EPL Soccer Cards Checklist – The English Premier League is the subject of the multi-tiered Panini Prizm Soccer release. Three versions are headed your way. Hobby boxes carrying (1) Autograph, (5) Numbered Prizms, (10) additional Prizms and (6) inserts in every box. Breakaway, meanwhile, delivers  (1) Autographed Card, (5) Numbered Prizms, (1) Silver Prizm, (10) Additional Prizms and (6) Inserts  in every box. Finally, Choice doles out (1) Autographed Card, (3) Choice Prizms plus (2) Silver Prizms and (1) Insert in every box. Hobby is first out the gate on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, while Breakaway and Choice’s street dates are to be finalized.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2020-21 Panini Prizm EPL Hobby Soccer Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (5) Numbered Prizms, (1) Silver Prizm plus (10) Additional Prizms and (6) Inserts in Every Box! 

2020-21 Panini Prizm EPL Breakaway Soccer Cards delivers (10) Breakaway Prizms plus (1) Silver Prizm and (6) Inserts in Every Box! Also find Autographed Cards seeded (1:2 Boxes) on average.

2020-21 Panini Prizm EPL Choice Soccer Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (3) Choice Prizms plus (2) Silver Prizms and (1) Insert in Every Box!

Perhaps Panini America’s best brand and the world’s best top-flight soccer league come together once again in 2020-21 Prizm Premier League Soccer. With all of the best players from all of the 2020-21 Premier League clubs showcased on Panini’s brilliant opti-chrome technology, these cards are not to be missed for the 2020-21 season!

What’s really sweet about Prizm is that each release format has exclusive content. This can be seen, for example, in the autograph programs, where the Club Legends Signatures Prizms, Flashback Autograph, Dual Signatures and Signatures Prizms all have unique formats in each box type. While the checklists are similar for each stream, each has its own look and feel which will surely appeal to collectors and lead to some rainbow chasers who want one of each. Such a venture will prove quite challenging though, as in some inserts, each has its own Black parallel numbered 1-of-1!

If you would rather your full-breadth pursuit to circle around the base cards, then you’ll still have quite the challenge ahead as, again, each format has its own programs. There are some dazzling cards here to be found, with some versions being quite limited. For example, Choice has the 1-of-1 Nebula parallels!

Not to be ignored are some gorgeous insert cards. Fireworks, Emergent, Scorers Club, Vigor, Stadiums, Instant Impact and Team Logos all look that they will make lasting impressions in the hobby; but the returning Color Blast could very well, once again, be the cream of the crop.

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