2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Picks Baseball Cards Checklist – Snow may be falling, but before you know it baseball will be back in action. Get the early jump with 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Picks when it hits stores. Dropping (6) autographed cards in every box, this is a signature hound’s dream, with prospects, current stars and legends all signing on. Watch for 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Picks Baseball to drop on Friday, November 20, 2020.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards delivers (6) Autographed Cards in Every Box! This release features one of the most exciting selections of 2020 MLB Draft picks, elite prospects and some of the game’s hottest young stars! 

Every card in this hallmark release has been signed. Hunter Brown, Evan Carter, Carson Tucker, Armando Crews, Bryce Ball and a host of other prospects make this set a must have. Also part of the set is Ronald Acuna, one of the hottest names in longball today.

Meanwhile, big game legends chasers are going to be breaking in search of Sammy Sosa. The Cubs legend is back with the company which published what is arguably his most desired rookie card, with a variation. While that famed RC showed the home run king with his first club, the Chicago White Sox, this round, which features the same throwback design, features the outfielder in his Wrigley-friendly gear.

Serial numbering starts at the Gold parallel (#’d out of 75) and goes down to Purple 1-of-1s. Only the base silver autographs are not numbered, while Platinum Spectrum, Emerald Spectrum, Silver Spectrum, Gold Spectrum and Red are numbered between 50 and 5 copies.

For full product information, please visit the 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Picks Product Page.

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Picks Baseball Cards Checklist – Image Gallery


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