2020 Score NFL Football Cards delivers (4) Autographed Cards, (96) Rookies and (10) Parallels plus (36) Inserts in Every Box! A staple of the hobby returns to bring a classic look and immense checklist that is sure to be a collector favorite! Collect the FIRST officially licensed rookie cards and rookie autograph cards from all the top prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft!

Configuration: 12 boxes/10 packs/40 cards

Case Hits:

  • (1) Intergalactic Insert

2020 Score NFL Football Cards Box Hits:

  • (4) Autographed Cards
  • (96) Rookies
  • (10) Parallels
  • (36) Inserts

2020 Score NFL Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Chase the biggest set of 2020 which features 440 cards and includes 330 base and 110 rookies.
    • (96) Rookies in Every Box!
    • (10) Parallels in Every Box!
  • Look for one of the first officially licensed rookie cards and rookie autographed cards from all of the top prospects of the 2020 NFL Draft.
  • (36) Inserts in Every Box!
    • NEW! Intergalactic –A new insert to Score, Intergalactic uses new and improved lenticular technology to create a truly stand alone CASE HIT! Featuring the BEST veteran players in the NFL, Intergalactic is sure to be a chase for collectors throughout the cosmos. (1) Per Case!
    • All Hands Team – When you need a catch, look to the All-Hands Team! All-Hands Team focuses on the league’s most exciting pass catchers and highlights 2019’s most spectacular catches!
    • Breakthrough – Some obstacles can be avoided, others you have to just break through. This insert showcases the players who have taken the biggest steps towards NFL stardom.
    • Under The Radar – Some players burst onto the scene, others go Under the Radar. Under the Radar highlights some of the best up-and-coming players the NFL has to offer.
  • (4) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • Base Signatures – Utilizing the same dynamic action photography of the base set, Base Signatures is a classic autograph card for some of the top veteran talent in the NFL!
    • Rookie SignaturesRookie Signatures offers collectors of both college and NFL a unique chance to get their hands on the rookie’s first official rookie signature card, while still showcasing the player’s college team.


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