2020 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Cards delivers (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards and (2) Relic Cards in Every Box! 2020 brings the return of a collector favorite, Definitive Collection, to stores in April. This year’s collection will feature ALL-NEW, ON-CARD autographs, tremendous patch pieces, unique relic memorabilia, and ALL cards will be numbered to 50 or less! Please see the attached sell sheet for all Parallel information.

Configuration: 3 boxes/1 pack/8 cards

Box Hits:

  • (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards
  • (2) Relic Cards

2020 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • ON-CARD Autographs
      • Definitive Autograph Collection – Some of the most collectible names in baseball including rookies, current stars and retired greats. #’d TBD
      • Legendary Autograph Collection – Featuring the best MLB players of all-time, #’d to 25 or less
      • Definitive Rookie AutographsNewly-emerging stars are highlighted here with ON-CARD autographs, #’d to 50
      • Framed Autograph CollectionON-CARD autographs framed in metal, #’d to 30 or less
      • Dual Autograph Collection – Showcasing baseball player pairings of veteran stars, retired greats and rookies, #’d to 35 or less
      • NEW! Defining the Decade Autograph Collection Stat leaders from various decades take center stage, #’d to 10 or less
      • NEW! Defining Accolades Autograph Collection – Iconic award winners are celebrated on cards, #’d to 10 or less
    • Autographed Relic Cards
      • Base Autograph Relic Collection Over 40 of the most collectible veteran and rookie ballplayers are featured on cards bearing their signatures and JUMBO pieces of game-used memorabilia, #’d to 50 or less
        • Look for several Tag, Logo and Button 1-of-1s!!
      • Autograph patch Book Collection – Showcasing the top rookie and veteran names in baseball on book cards featuring JUMBO patch pieces and ON-CARD autographs, #’d to 5 or less
      • Definitive Autograph Relic CardsAll-time retired greats and veteran stars with JUMBO relics and ON-CARD autographs, #’d to 40 or less
      • Dual Autographed Relic Collection – Pairings of the game’s most notable names with autographs and relics, #’d to 35 or less
      • Framed Autograph Patch CollectionElite MLB rookie and veterans featured on framed cards with JUMBO relics and ON-CARD autographs, #’d to 30 or less
      • NEW!!! – DEFINITIVE AUTOGRAPHED ULTRA PATCH COLLECTION Large jersey number, nameplate and team patches are featured in this stunning collection! Fans will be able to collect the whole patch by chasing multiple cards, #’d TBD
    • Relic Cards
      • Definitive Helmet Collection MLB batting helmets are on display in this unique card set, #’d to 50 or less
      • Definitive Nameplate CollectionOver 50 MLB player jersey nameplate letters, each featured as a 1-of-1 card
      • Definitive Patch Collection Unique jersey patch pieces featuring over 75 unique 1-of-1 cards!
      • JUMBO Relic CollectionTop tier MLB talent is shown with JUMBO game-used memorabilia pieces, #’d to 50
      • Definitive Cut Signatures – The best of the best ballplayers comprise this checklist of cut signature cards, each #’d 1-of-1!!
  • Please see the attached sell sheet for all Parallel information.


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