2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 delivers (24) Booger Green Parallel Cards (Bruised Parallels in Collector) in Every Box! Celebrate 35 years of outrageous and gross fun with the 2020 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2: 35th Anniversary set! This year’s release will showcase NEW shaped sketch cards, NEW location relic cards, fun card backs and NEW packaging!


Hobby & Collector Configuration: 8 boxes/24 pack/8 cards

Box Hits:

  • (24) Booger Green Parallel Cards (Bruised Parallels in Collector)
  • (1) School Wacky Package (COLLECTOR BOX ONLY)

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Brand-New Artwork & Characters
  • Location Relic Cards
  • Artist Autographs
  • Hobby Collector Edition packaged in a commemorative trash tin!
  • Look for a chance to have a custom GPK card created of YOU!
  • 200 Base Sticker Cards broken down into FIVE themes, with 100 A & B names featuring ALL NEW ART!
    • Themes include: All Grown Up, 35 Years of GPK, Snot Another Anniversary, 135th Anniversary Flash Forward, Battle of the Decades!
    • Parallels: Booger Green (1:Hobby Pack), Bruised (1:Collector Pack), Spit Blue #’d to 99 (HOBBY ONLY!), Bloody Nose Red #’d to 75, (COLLECTOR ONLY!), Fool’s Gold #’d to 50, Printing Plates #’d 1/1, Artist Autographs SIGNED ON-CARD!
  • Insert Cards
    • “No Ragerts”: GPK-inspired temporary tattoos in American traditional style. (HOBBY BOX ONLY!)
    • GPK Wacky Packages: Wacky Packages styled paintings parodying GPK merchandise (1:COLLECTOR BOX ONLY!)
    • NEW! Location Relic Cards: Find sand from the desert Wrappin ’ Ruth calls home, or dirt from Dead Ted’s grave site! (COLLECTOR BOX ONLY!)
  • Premium Inserts
    • Sketch Cards (HOBBY BOX ONLY!)
    • Shaped Sketch Cards – (COLLECTOR BOX ONLY!)
    • Triptuch Sketch Cards – (COLLECTOR BOX ONLY!)


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