2020 Topps Museum Collection Bundesliga Soccer Cards Checklist – The pitch battles are front and center when Topps delivers Museum Collection Bundesliga to stores later this week. There’s a great assortment of value with this hallmark brand, with every box yielding (1) autographed card, (1) relic card, (1) autographed relic card and (1) base or parallel card. These cards are going to go quickly, so get your lists together – 2020 Topps Museum Collection Bundesliga arrives in stores this Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2019-20-Topps Bundesliga Museum Collection Soccer Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (1) Autographed Relic Card, (1) Relic Card and (1) Parallel in Every Box! 2019-20 Bundesliga Topps Museum Collection enshrines some of the top players and moments with some of the most luxurious soccer trading card designs to date! Collect a 93-card Base Set checklist featuring some of the Bundesliga’s top superstars and look for ALL-NEW relic and autograph inserts such as Superstar Footballer Showpieces and Triple-Player Primary Pieces Patch Relics! Be on the lookout for RARE Meisterschale Relic Cards featuring encapsulated shavings from the Bundesliga’s championship trophy!

The assortment of hits in Bundesliga are absolutely stunning, particularly the NEW content. Let’s start with Superstar Footballer Showpieces, which gives an artistic look combined with a spectacular action photo. Just 25 copies of the standard cards exist, with a 1-of-1 Emerald parallel augmenting. Next, Triple Player Primary Pieces Patch Relics (numbered to 50) gives collectors a trio of teammates with sweet swatches. Finally, the NEW Meisterschale Relic Cards, with just 10 copies apiece, are perhaps the most unique cards everactual pieces of the Bundesliga championship trophy. To say the gauntlet has been thrown is an understatement!

Combine these cards with the base set and parallels – which only come (1) per box – and you’ve got a nice challenge, whether you’re collecting veterans or chasing prospects. The 90-card set will be a fun pursuit for sure!

For more information about, 2019-20 Topps Museum Collection Bundesliga Soccer, please visit the product page.

2019-20 Topps Museum Collection Bundesliga Soccer Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

2020 Topps Museum Collection Bundesliga Soccer Cards Checklist

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