2020 Topps NXT Wrestling Cards Checklist – There are many who point to NXT as the hottest brand across WWE, and for fans of the black and gold roster, this is the set that will ignite the passion even further. Every tw0-pack box includes (2) autographs, (3) Bronze parallels, additional inserts and base cards. There is a lot to be excited about when Topps NXT’s theme music plays on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


UPDATE: Topps announced a configuration and insertion rate update on 12/15/2020 due to issue at the co-packer. The box configuration has been changed to (2) Packs in Every Box.Each pack contains (25) cards: (11) Base cards, (3) Bronze Base Parallel cards, (6) Roster Insert cards, (2) NXT Tribute Insert: Johnny Gargano Insert cards, (2) NXT Called Up Insert cards and (1) Autograph Card. (2) Autograph Cards GUARANTEED in Every Box!

One of the key highlights of NXT this year is the Johnny Gargano Tribute program. Ten of his highlight moments are included with a very scant number of autographed variations available. Other inserts include the popular Roster cards, which includes both NXT and NXT: UK Superstars on the checklist, as well as Called Up, which features Superstars who are now part of the WWE main roster.

Johnny Wrestling isn’t the only Superstar who signed for the set though. Others on the checklist include Bianca Belair, Kushida, Rhea Ripley and Tommaso Ciampa. There are also three dual autographs (including Undisputed Era members Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) and Autographed Relic cards, the latter of which include shirts from Adam Cole and Mia Yimand pieces of the ring mat with signatures from Dakota Kai, Keith Lee and others.

For more information about, 2020 Topps NXT Wrestling, please visit the product page.

2020 Topps NXT Wrestling Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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