2020 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Cards Checklist –  Few baseball sets have the premium legacy that Triple Threads does. This year’s edition doles out (4) hits per box with stunning, guaranteed case hits of (1) 1-of-1 Autographed Relic Card and (1) Autographed Relic Combo Card!  2020 Topps Triple Threads Baseball is going to be hot as soon as it hits the shelves  this coming Wednesday, October 7, 2020!

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2020 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Cards delivers (1) Autographed Triple Relic Card #’d to 99 or less, (1) Triple Relic Card #’d to 36 or less, (1) Autograph Rookie Card or Autograph Jumbo Relic #’d to 99 or less and (1) Jumbo Relic Card #’d to 36 or less in Every Box! Celebrating the best names in baseball on cards featuring multiple relics and autographs. EACH CASE is GUARANTEED to contain a 1-of-1 Autograph Relic Card AND an Autograph Relic Combo Card featuring 3 or more players!!

Broken into two-pack master boxes, Triple Threads is chock full of stunning cards with multiple swatches of beautiful jersey pieces. One that stands out right away is the All-Star Laundry Tag Book Card. This beauty includes three sweet swatches and are limited to just 1-of-1 printing. Also a highlight are the Letter Plus Relic Book Cards, which have three copies in the base version and a 1-of-1 Ruby Parallel!

NEW for 2020 are the impressive Historic  Ties Triple Relic Cards, which bring three elite players together on one card. Among these are Hank Aaron/Mike Trout/Ken Griffey Jr., while others are team themed such as the New York Yankees trio card of Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly and Aaron Judge. Another debuting concept is Touch ’em All! Three-player Stadium Relic Cards, which incorporates three base pieces. Both of these inserts also have Autographed versions to pursue.

For more information about, 2020 Topps Triple Threads Baseball, please visit the product page.

2020 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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