2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded Wrestling Cards Checklist – WWE collectors are accustomed to high-end products from Topps, such as Undisputed and Transcendent. Another set enters the mix shortly, as Fully Loaded makes its debut, boasting (1) encased autographed card in every single-pack box. The really good news is there are some extremely prominent signers and unique relics here which will undoubtedly excite the WWE Universe. 2020 Topps Fully Loaded hits stores on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded Trading Cards delivers (1) Encased Autographed Card or Autographed Relic Card in Every Box! BRAND NEW to the Topps WWE product portfolio, WWE Fully Loaded will provide NEW and exciting autographs and autographed relics never before featured in a WWE product! Collect pieces of WWE history in Every Box!

Let’s talk first about the Autographed Relic assortment, because Topps is supplying pieces that either haven’t been seen in products in several years or at all previously. Among the cool swatches to find are pieces of tables, ladders and chairs from the namesake TLC pay-per-view event. Also part of the lineup are microphone box pieces and swatches of the turnbuckle wrapping.

This, however, tells only part of the tale of why the debuting Fully Loaded is going to be a hot product. The list of autographs for the set is absolutely top level, highlighted by one of the few Vince McMahon packed-out autographs available. Other signers are favorites from the current WWE roster, including Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles and others. There are also cool DNA cards available, as many of WWE’s top female superstars have provided Autographed Kiss cards.

For more information about, 2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded Wrestling, please visit the product page.

2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded Wrestling Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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