2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Trading Cards

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Trading Cards delivers (1) Artist Autographed Card, (4) Foil Parallels, (2-3) Japanese Parallels, (4) Inserts, (3-4) Stax Cards and (1-2) Capsule Characters in Every Box! Anime is red hot and so is Marvel. Combine the two and you have the formula for a winning trading card product! 2020 Marvel Anime offers a NEW twist on Marvel characters with a base set showcasing original art by renowned Japanese artist, Peach Momoko, in her instantly recognizable anime style, thematic technologies and other content inspired by Japanese pop culture. (Insert ratios are on average of the entire production run.)

Configuration: 16 boxes*/16 packs/5 cards
* 2x 8-count inners

Box Hits:

  • (1) Artist Autographed Card
  • (4) Foil Parallels
  • (2-3) Japanese Parallels
  • (4) Inserts
  • (3-4) Stax Cards
  • (1-2) Capsule Characters

CASE Hits:

  • (12) Chibi Mini Cards
  • (2-3) Hanafuda Cards
  • (1-2) Sketch Cards

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 90-Card Original Base Set by Marvel Variant Cover Artist, Peach Momoko!
    • Two unique foil board parallels
    • Search for a parallel with Japanese translated back
  • Original Art Inserts inspired by Anime, Manga and Japanese Pop Culture
  • Mechanized
  • Kaiju
  • Idols
  • Look for numbered Artist Autographed Base Set and Insert Parallels!
  • Capsule Characters
    • Inspired by Japanese Toy Capsules
    • Rip open team Dyson Cards to look for miniature cards of your favorite character inside
    • Discover limited and numbered Green and Red Parallels of Capsule Character Cards
  • Chibi
    • Look for small cards with Chibi style character art
    • Four different tiers to collect
  • Hanafuda
    • Printed on black stock to pay homage to traditional Japanese Hanafuda Cards
    • Look for SPs and SSP’s
  • Stax
    • Stax cards return! Piece together your favorite character card by collecting the CMYK layers
    • Look for Short Printed Stax Cards
  • 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch cards!