2021 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Cards delivers (2) Autographed Cards plus (3) Base Set SPs, (11) Inserts and (1) 3-Card Box-Topper in Every Box! 2021 Topps Heritage MiLB rolls out the nostalgia once again with an all-new offering featuring some of the top Minor League Baseball talents on the classic and colorful Topps 1972 design! Collect the entire 200-card Base Set including the In Action and 1972 Topps Traded subsets! 

  • Configuration: 12 boxes/18 packs/8 cards

Box Hits:

  • (2) Autographed Cards
  • (3) Base Set SPs
  • (11) Inserts
  • (1) 3-Card Box-Topper


  • (2) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • Real One Autographs
      • Border Parallels: Blue #’d to 99, Green #’d to 50, Black Blue NEW! #’d to 25, Red #’d 1-of-1
    • Base Card Image Variation Autographs – #’d to 50
    • Real One Dual Autographs – #’d to 20
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Pack Cover Autographs #’d to 50 w/ a Red Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • (11) Inserts in Every Box!
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Venezuelan Stamp Cards – (1:4.5 Packs) – A pickup of the mysterious 1972 stamp set design, look for the top young players in MiLB!
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Pack Cover – (1:4.5 Packs) – This insert draws heavy design inspiration from the groovy colors of the 1972 Topps pack wrappers, while featuring some of the brightest of MiLB!
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars – (1:6 Packs) – Look for this pickup of the 1972 Topps insert featuring select MiLB Legends juxtaposed against childhood pictures of them before their professional dreams were realized.
  • 200-Card Base Set
    • Border Parallels: Blue #’d to 99, NEW! Green #’d to 75 , Black Blue #’d to 50, Gold (1)in Every Case!, Red #’d 1-of-1
    • Base Card Short Prints (Card #s 201 220) (1:6 Packs)
    • Base Card Image Variations
  • (1) 3-Card Box-Topper in Every Box!
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Baseball Poster Cards – This box topper insert features the classic Topps 1972 mini poster design, but shrinks it down to a collectible card size!
    • NEW! 1972 Topps Baseball Poster Card Autographs – #’d to 25 w/ FoilFractor Parallel #’d 1-of-1


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