2021 Topps Heritage MLB Baseball Cards Checklist

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards Checklist – The running theme of “everything old is new again” has been alive and well at Topps for more than two decades thanks to one of its headliner products, Heritage. This year’s product delivers (1) hit – either an Autograph or a Relic Card – in Every Box, along with (1) very cool Box Loader. The memorable 1972 Topps Baseball design is reborn and lives again, starting with release this Friday, March 26, 2021.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards delivers (1) Autograph or Relic Card and (1) Box Loader in Every Box! At the crossroads of modern baseball and nostalgia, collectors will find 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball. Cards will feature current stars and legendary players on cards featuring or inspired by the classic 1972 Topps design.

There’s a lot to love about Heritage this year, particularly if you’re a hit chaser. Ink lovers will appreciate the array of ON CARD autographs that Topps delivers this year, particularly in the Real One insert. This long-listed program includes rookies such as Casey Mizeveterans like Bryce Harper and legends that include Nolan Ryan. The design incorporates the 1972 hallmark look found throughout Heritage and is absolutely stunning. Also keep your eyes peeled for the NEW Rangers Inaugural Season Buyback Autographs, which include ON CARD signatures from seven members of the original lineup.

Relic Card lovers have a lot to be excited about in 2021 Heritage, namely in the return of Clubhouse Collection. As many as four players are featured with swatches of their game-used material, yielding some interesting combinations. Consider the Triple Relic of Todd Helton, Larry Walker and Nolan Arenado and the Quad Relic of Ronald Acuna Jr., Phil Niekro, John Smoltz and Hank Aaron as your must-finds. Coin collectors will want to chase down the 1972 Mint Relics, featuring legal tender embedded in the cards.

The two coveted chases also come together for Autographed Relic Cards. A selection of Clubhouse Collection cards appear here, as do Flashback Autograph Relics. The latter of which has a stunning checklist with big names from the past participating such as Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew.

Finally, let’s talk about the Box Loaders, a staple of Heritage for so many years. The program this year includes NEW 1972 Oversized versions of the base set cards (complete with an autograph parallel) and 1972 Baseball Posters throwback cards. These cards tend to become display items very quickly.

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