2021 Topps MLS Soccer Cards Checklist

2021 Topps MLS Soccer Cards Checklist – The soccer card world is scorching hot and it’s about to get even more heated with the release of 2021 Topps MLS, which features (3) hits in Every Box. Autographs and Relics will be big chases for collectors, as well the incredible inserts and 200-card base set. Overall, this product gives collectors a well-rounded series to chase down. Check out 2021 Topps MLS Soccer when it releases on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2021 Topps MLS Soccer Cards delivers (3) Autographed or Relic Cards and (14) Inserts in Every Box! Topps MLS charges onto the pitch with an ALL-NEW offering that highlights the top moments from the wild 2020 season! Collect the entire 200-Card Base Set and ALL-NEW Insert Sets such as Big City Strikers and Flags of Foundation.

Let’s kick off this breakdown by looking at the autograph assortment. 20 cards have been selected from the base set to be signed by the depicted athlete, and the names chosen are primeJonathan dos Santos, Diego Chara and Sam Vines are among those who have inked up for this incredible product.

Adding to the hit parade are three programs in Relics. Of those that come out of packs, the Nameplate Relics, scarce at just four copies or less, look to be the most in-demand, when you consider how successful they are in other sports. Chasing a full nameplate for any player is going to be one hell of a task, but undoubtedly there are hardcore collectors out there who will be buying up boxes and scouring the secondary market for completion.

Not to be ignored, of course, is the ALL-NEW insert program. While you will get a strong assortment from three inserts1981 Topps, Flags of Foundation and Team Spirit – there is one that will be more elusive. Big City Strikers drops at a rate of 1:144 Packs, and this level of scarcity is going to ensure there is high competition to get even one of the cards, let alone the attempt to do the full 18-card set. Base set Image Variations are also available.

For more information about, 2021 Topps MLS Soccer, please visit the product page.

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