2021 Upper Deck Marvel X-Men Metal Universe Trading Cards delivers (3) Gold Parallels, (1) Numbered Base or High Series Parallel plus (2) Grandiose Parallels and (1) Palladium Card in Every Box! 2021 Marvel X-Men Metal Universe Trading Cards merges throwback inspired etched foil background base and parallel designs with NEW thematic designs and technology to showcase fan favorite characters from the X-Men Publishing Universe!

  • Configuration: 12 boxes/12 packs/6 cards

BOX Hits:

  • (3) Gold Parallels,
  • (1) Numbered Base or High Series Parallel from the following:
    • Green PMG Parallel – #’d to 10
    • Red PMG Parallel – #’d from 11 to 100
    • Pink Parallel
  • (2) Grandiose Parallels
  • (1) Palladium Card

2021 Upper Deck Marvel X-Men Metal Universe Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 100 Card Base Set with a 100 Card High Series featuring some of the most iconic characters from the X-Men Universe!
    • Collect all six types of Hobby Parallels; Gold, Red PMG, Green PMG, Pink, Purple, and Grandiose!
    • Red and Green PMGs have throwback numbering!
    • Purple Base and High Series Parallels #’d to 1!
  • Comic Cuts! – Discover Cut Comic cards featuring comics from the Early Silver Age, Classic Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age.
  • Platinum Portrait – Stippled designs forming character images!
  • Palladium – Die-Cut Acetate cards with a modern twist!
  • Planet Metal!A retro design printed on metal!!
    • Copper, Platinum, and Gold Planet Metal Parallels all feature limited numbering!
  • Geodes – See beloved X-Men characters inside Geode inspired cards!
    • Search for SP and SSP Versions of Geode Shadowbox cards!
  • ALL-NEW Arc Weld and Blast Furnace designs! Metal inspired designs printed on Patterned Rainbow Foil Board. Look for SPs!
  • Purely Periodic Characters associated with the X-Meneach with their own unique numbering format!
    • 1995 Marvel Metal Buybacks
    • 1-of-1 Base or High Series Purple Parallels
    • Platinum Portrait Cards
    • Geodes SSP
    • Comic Cuts
    • Planet Metal Gold Parallel
    • Original Art Sketch Cards


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