2022 Leaf Decision Vault Trading Cards delivers (1) Cut Signature Card, (1) 2016 Decision Retail Box, plus (3) Extra Packs and (8) Additional Cards/Hits in Every Box!

Configuration: 16 boxes/1 2016 Decision Retail Box + 3 packs/9 cards

Box Break:

  • (1) Cut Signature Card
  • (1) 2016 Decision Retail Box, plus (3) Extra Packs
  • (8) Additional Cards/Hits

2022 Leaf Decision Vault Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Cut Signature Card in Every Box!
    • The Cut Signature Card is EXCLUSIVE to this product and includes (45) different subjects on the Checklist (*denotes first ever Decision Auto)
      • Al Sharpton*, Alan Dershowitz, Ann Coultier*, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Callista Gingrich, Carly Florina, Carter Page, Chelsea Clinton, Chris Christie, Chris Matthews*, Corey Lewandowski, Dan Crenshaw, David Bassie, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., George W. Bush, Hilary Clinton, Ivana Trump, Jason Chaffetz, Jeanine Pirro, Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden, Josh Hawley, Kayleigh McEnany, Kayleigh McEnany (RARE Version), Kellyanne Conway, Mark Levin*, Marsha Blackburn, Matt Goetz, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Nikki Haley, Pete Buttigieg, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.*, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sarah Palin, Sean Spicer, Sebastian Gorka*, Sherrif David Clarke, Ted Cruz, Terry McAuliffo, Tom Cotton*, Trey Gowdy and Vicente Fox.
  • (8) Additional Cards/Hits in Every Box!
    • Find the following Additional Cards/Hits in 2022 Decision Vault:
      • (1) EXCLUSIVE NEW Ukraine Set Card with random Facsimile Parallel Foil Signatures
      • (1) EXCLUSIVE NEW Queens Platinum Jubilee Card
      • (1) Random Flag Patch Card including NEW EXCLUSIVE Ukraine World Leader Flags and previously Unreleased Flags and Parallel Foil Colors
      • (1) Portraits CardVault foil stamped and numbered
      • (1) “Trump Under Fire” Card
      • (2) Promo Cards
      • (1) Nicknames Card, plus Parallel Foil Colors previously unreleased of Other Decision Inserts



2022 Leaf Decision Vault Trading Cards Sell Sheet


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