2022 Topps Chrome MLB Rookie Short Prints – The Topps Company is addressing the missing Rookie Short Prints from 2022 Topps Chrome MLB Baseball Cards with the following communication regarding hobby accounts. Please see details regarding retail program here.

Dear Hobby Customer,

Topps’ highest priority is our customers, and we want to provide you all with an update regarding 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball and the Silver Pack Program. For those partners, including distributors and direct stores, who purchased Hobby or Jumbo cases directly from Topps, we are providing one 4- card silver pack for each 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball box purchased. Example; if you purchased a case of ’22 Topps Chrome Hobby, you will receive 12 packs (one for each box). For each Jumbo case, you will receive 8 packs (one for each box).

We have updated the Silver Packs to include 4 cards, and the short print variations will be randomly inserted in these packs. Additional cards may include a mix of 2022 Chrome Baseball base cards, along with inserts.

Topps is working directly with every distribution channel to ensure these packs are properly distributed through the original sellers, with shipments starting around September 30, 2022.

One important note, direct reselling of the silver packs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We expect every distributor/store will do right by its customers who have been directly affected by this. If Topps discovers any resale of these packs through your primary channels or through the secondary market or distribution to customers other than customers who have been directly affected by this, it may result in a TERMINATION OF YOUR TOPPS DIRECT ACCOUNT AND DISQUALIFY YOU FROM RECEIVING FUTURE PRODUCTS. We understand and appreciate the cost and resource commitment it will take to get these packs into customers hands. As we work together to grow the hobby we must all work together to do right by our customers and appreciate your collaboration in this effort. Should you need support handling this distribution, please contact us directly.

Our customers and our partners continue to be the main focus in everything we do. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we’ve worked to remedy this situation as best we can for all parties.

Thank you,

The Topps Company

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