2022 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Cards delivers (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards plus (2) Relic Cards in Every Box! The early season excitement of MLB in 2022 is captured in this premium product which features ON-CARD autographs, OVERSIZED uniform patches, and unique memorabilia pieces of baseball greats past and present. EACH CARD is #’d to 50 or less.

  • Configuration: 3 boxes/1 pack/8 cards

Box Hits:

  • (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards
  • (2) Relic Cards

CASE Hits:

Look for the following cards randomly inserted as case hits!

  • Definitive Autograph Collection
  • Legendary Autograph Collection
  • Framed Autograph Collection
  • Autograph Patch Book Collection
  • Framed Autograph Patch Collection
  • Defining the Decade Autograph Collection
  • Definitive Patch Collection
  • Definitive Cut Signatures
  • Definitive Nameplate Collection
  • Definitive Helmet Collection

2022 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

See attached sell sheet for complete details about parallels.

  • (6) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • Definitive Autograph Collection – The game’s leading names, including rookies, current stars, and retired greats, #’d to 50 or less.
    • Legendary Autograph Collection – Showcasing the greatest MLB players of all-time, #’d to 25 or less.
    • Definitive Rookie AutographsON-CARD signatures from the newest crop of rookie talent, #’d to 50.
    • Framed Autograph Collection ON-CARD autographed cards framed in metal #’d to 30 or less.
    • Dual Autograph Collection – Showcasing Baseball pairs, featuring veteran stars, retired greats, and rookies, #’d to 35 or less.
    • NEW! Defining Trios Autograph Collection – Collecting notable trios, #’d to 25 or less.
    • Defining Images Autograph Collection – Iconic images of superstar players are showcased with ON-CARD autographs, #’d to 25 or less.
    • Base Autographed Relic Collection – #’d to 50 or less.
    • Autographed Patch Book Collection – Book Cards featuring JUMBO patch pieces and ON-CARD autographs of current and retired MLB greats, #’d to 5 or less
    • Definitive Autographed Relic Cards JUMBO relics and ON-CARD autographs from retired greats and veteran stars, #’d to 40 or less.
    • Dual Autographed Relic Collection – Pairings of the game’s most notable names with autographs and relics, #’d to 35 or less.
    • Framed Autograph Patch CollectionMetal framed cards with ON-CARD autographs and JUMBO relics from elite MLB rookies and established stars, #’d to 30 or less.
    • Definitive Autographed Ultra Patch Collection Large jersey number, nameplate and team patches are featured in this collection. Fans will be able to collect the whole patch across multiple cards. Varied #’ing.
    • Protectors at the Plate Autographed Relics – Featuring ON-CARD autographs and game-used protective equipment from catchers and batters, including shin guards, elbow pads, etc, #’d to 5 or less.
  • (2) Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • Jumbo Relic Collection – Top tier MLB talent is shown here with JUMBO game-used memorabilia pieces, #’d to 50
    • Protectors at the Plate RelicsJUMBO relics of catchers’ gear and batters’ protective gear, #’d to 25.
    • Definitive Helmet Collection MLB batting helmets are on display in these unique cards, #’d to 50 or less
    • Definitive Nameplate Collection Over (50) MLB player jersey nameplate letters featured on 1-of-1 cards!
    • Definitive Patch Collection – Unique jersey patch pieces are on display on over (75) cards all numbered 1-of-1!
    • Definitive Cut Signatures – The best of the best ballplayers comprise this list of cut vintage signatures. Each card is numbered 1-of-1!


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