2022 Topps Finest MLS Soccer Cards Checklist – The Finest touch comes to Major League Soccer with this inaugural offering of 2022 Topps Finest MLS! Collect the entire 100-Card Base Set featuring the most prolific veterans and rookies in MLS!

Topps Finest Major League Soccer was released on Friday, December 30, 2022.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below:

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2022 Topps Finest MLS Soccer Cards delivers (2) Autographed Cards plus (4) Refractors and (6) Inserts in Every Box!

Look for Base Card Autograph Parallels with unique numbered Autograph Refractor Parallels, max #’d to 75! Also, find Extended Base Set Autograph Parallels, Prized Footballers Autograph Parallel, 2022 Topps Finest Centurions Autograph Parallel and the ALL NEW PITCHuresque Autograph Parallel!

Find exciting inserts in Finest MLS including Prized Footballers, 2022 Topps Finest Centurions and the ALL NEW PITCHuresque!

In addition to the 100-Card Base Set, hunt for regular and (10) numbered versions between 250 and 1-of-1! And, find (4) numbered versions for the Expanded Base Set #’d between 75 and 1-of-1!

For more details about 2022 Topps Finest MLS Soccer Cards, please visit the product page.


2022 Topps Finest MLS Soccer Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

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