2023 Cryptozoic Entertainment Outlander Season 5 Trading Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (1) Wardrobe Card plus (8) Silver Foil Base/Chase Parallels Cards and (3) Gold Foil Stamped Cards (Silver Foil Board) in Every Box!

The fifth season of STARZ’s time-travel drama chronicles the further adventures of Claire and Jamie as they celebrate a wedding, raise a militia, discover a new power in the backcountry, and rescue Claire from her brutal captors.

Outlander Season 5 Trading Cards include a 72-card Base Set with episodic imagery, four uniquely-themed Chase Sets, and randomly inserted Autograph Cards featuring ON-CARD signatures from fan-favorite stars as well as Wardrobe Cards utilizing fabric direct from the studio.

Box Break:

  • (1) Autographed Card
  • (1) Wardrobe Card
  • (8) Silver Foil Base/Chase Parallels Cards
  • (3) Gold Foil Stamped Cards (Silver Foil Board)

2023 Cryptozoic Entertainment Outlander Season 5 Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Card in Every Box!
    • Look for a strong checklist of signers featuring ON-CARD signatures of the show’s main cast and supporting stars (full checklist coming soon).
  • (1) Wardrobe Cards in Every Box!
    • These randomly inserted, cards contain pieces of fabric used to make the lavish costumes in the show over various seasons. They are truly timeless!
  • Uniquely themed Chase/Insert Sets that further capture the nuances, characters, and plot twists of Season 5.
    • Kids & Critters (9 Cards) – This set celebrates the roles young kids and lovable critters play in the show. Each card gives additional information related to the character on the card front. Do you know why Ian is called “Wolf’s Brother”?
    • Time Travelers (9 Cards) – This set revolves around favorite characters known to time travel. Standing stones, an inherited trait, sometimes fire, and (it’s believed) a precious gemstone to keep the bearer safe are all required to make the journey. Quotes related to these characters and insights into particular scenes are featured on the backs of these cards.
    • Stand For All Puzzle (9 Cards) – “Stand for All” is the text appearing across this subset that is perfect for a binder. Once completed, a grand image of a torch-bearing Jaime is revealed as he stands with Claire in front of the soon-to-be-lit straw cross as the sun sets behind them.
    • Never My Love (9 Cards) – These cards showcase Claire’s fantasy world as she detaches herself from a brutally violent attack from a gang of men. Within Claire’s safe place is most of her family at a Thanksgiving dinner. The card fronts reveal the characters in 1960s dress, and the backs show “Easter egg” nods to previous episodes, like the orange or the blue vase. Do you know the meaning behind these items?
  • (8) Silver Foil Base/Chase Parallels Cards and (3) Gold Foil Stamped Cards (Silver Foil Board) in Every Box!
  • 72-Card Base Set
    • The Base Set for the release includes a variety of episodic images from Season 5 of the TV show.
  • Collector Album – Full color 2” 3-ring binder features key character art. Available in two different versions, each with an EXCLUSIVE Wardrobe Card!


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