2024 Flair Marvel Trading Cards Checklist – Collect iconic premium inserts, limited numbered parallels, chase cards, artist and creator autographs, and BRAND-NEW inserts in the latest Upper Deck Marvel product!

2024 Flair Marvel Trading CardsIn Flair Marvel, collect a 90-Card Base Set featuring ALL-NEW original art!

Flair Marvel is scheduled to release on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below:

Find an Artist Roster which includes Ty Romsa, Joel Holtzman, Oliver Harbour, Todd Nauck and many more! Also, chase Artist Autographs and numbered parallels!

Look for NEW and Throwback Premium Insert Designs, such as Powerblast, Badge Flair, Solar Flair, Canonical Blasts, Acrylic Aether, Splintered Façade and Iridescence!

Hunt for the 60-Card Flairium Insert Set, as well as Artist Autographed Flairium Cards, which shines the spotlight on seven Notable Artists: Tom Morgan, Jonathan Wayshak, Nahuel Grego, Casey Parsons, Meghan Hetrick, David Palumbo and Simone Bianchi!

Chase BIG CHASE HITS in Flair Marvel: Badge Flair, Acrylic Aether, Splintered Façade, Iridescence, Pin Flair, Carved and Base Set or Flairium Autographs!

For more details about 2024 Flair Marvel Trading Cards, please visit the product page.


2024 Flair Marvel Trading Cards Checklist – Image Gallery


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