2024 Keepsake Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Collection Kaleidoscope Edition delivers (2) Bruce Lee Keepsake Relic Cards in Every Box!

After the resounding success and popularity of the first Bruce Lee product, demand has been growing for a traditional pack and box product for Bruce Lee and Keepsake is delivering! This set will be extremely special, featuring over (100) Bruce Lee officially licensed images produced in Reflective Mirror technology. This product is EXTREMELY LIMITED, even more so than the first release.

  • Configuration: 10 boxes/15 packs/4 cards

Box Break:

  • (2) Bruce Lee Keepsake Relic Cards

Case Hit:

  • At least (1) Case Hit Premium Relic Card (an item directly from Bruce Lee himself)

2024 Keepsake Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Collection Kaleidoscope Edition Product Highlights:

  • Bruce Lee Kaleidoscope Edition features:
    • (100) Base Card Checklist
    • Over 250 Card Total Checklist including: Base, Inserts, and Relics
    • (10) Different Inserts with varying rarities and pull rates (some are every 1-3 cases)
    • Single, Dual, and Triple Relic Cards
    • Cut Autograph
    • In My Hand Cards
    • Film Reel Cards
    • AND MORE!
  • NEW Bruce Lee Personally Owned/Used items:
    • Training Used Boxing Gloves
    • Training Used Sparring Mask
    • Training Used Jump Rope
    • Personally Used Books
    • Cut Signatures from Personal Documents
    • Personal Business Cards
    • Personal Institute Documents
    • AND MORE!
  • Look for randomly inserted Gold, Red, and Dragon #’d Parallels:
    • Gold #’d to 10
    • Red #’d to 5
    • Dragon #’d 1-of-1
  • Collect the following card types:
    • Mirror Base Cards
    • Rainbow Cards
    • Gold Rainbows
    • Red Rainbows
    • Dragon Rainbows
    • Die Cut Inserts
    • Pop Art Inserts
    • Personal Relics
    • Fight Worn Mask & Glove Relics
    • Jumbo Relics
    • Dual Relics
    • Training Used Jump Rope Relics
    • Triple Relics
    • In My Hand Relics
    • Film Reel Relics
    • Cut Autograph (Graded PSA 10 Gem Mint Autograph)
    • AND MORE!


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