Baseball Cards Daily’s Chris Steuber and #cardSTOCK Joins

Baseball Cards Daily’s Chris Steuber and #cardSTOCK Joins –  Savvy users of Twitter may already be familiar with Chris Steuber and Baseball Cards Daily. However, if you aren’t familiar with Chris and his great insights into the baseball card market, you need to go follow both of his accounts, NOW! 

Chris has been collecting baseball cards for over 30 years, having gotten a start in the business at a young age. Considered an expert in the field, he continues to collect and is active on the secondary market where he continues to buy, sell and trade baseball cards. Chris is a sports talk host and marketing professional. He is a former Director of Player Personnel in the Arena Football League , an NFL Draft Analyst and NFL and Philadelphia Eagles Insider. You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisSteuber and his advice on baseball cards @BBCardsDaily

Chris produces investment* style Infographics for today’s hottest MLB stars and prospects. He looks at the players and their cards as one would stock, complete with buy recommendations for specific cards.


Below is an archive of Chris’ recommendations and player profiles. Look for new ones on a regular basis along with links to the products profiled.

Baseball Cards Daily’s Chris Steuber and #cardSTOCK Joins


* The recommendations and opinions expressed by Chris Steuber and his published posts, cardSTOCK, on, are his and his alone and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement recommendation or sponsorship of Chris Steuber and his published posts, cardstock  by GTS Distribution. In addition, GTS Distribution is not in the business of offering investment, legal or tax advice of any kind and makes no claims to the validity or the recommendations put forth in cardSTOCK.
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