Baseball Treasure Silver Coins See Strong Selling Prices

Baseball Treasure Silver Coins See Strong Selling Prices –  As you may, or may not know, GTS partnered with Baseball Treasure to deliver collectors an exclusive hobby box. 2019 Baseball Treasure Limited Edition delivers (1) Silver Coin plus (3) Copper Coins in Every Box! However, 1:12 Boxes are GUARANTEED to deliver a SECOND SILVER COIN!! But not just any Silver Coin. The GTS Exclusive boxes deliver (1) Shohei Ohtani hand numbered to 17 OR (1) Ronald Acuna Jr., hand numbered to just 13!!


Baseball Treasure Silver Coins See Strong Selling Prices

Exclusive to GTS these coins of the N.L. ROY are limited to 13!

The coins that comprise the Copper Base Set are works of art in and of themselves. However, it’s the silver, limited edition parallel versions that have proven to be truly collectible. A look at recent sales on eBay shows even second tier players selling for good money.

The top selling silver coin is one of the Ronald Acuna Jr’s limited to just 13 copies. It sold through a best offer (which was confirmed by the seller) for $125. Not bad considering that the spot price of an ounce of silver is about $19.50. This shows that the collector base is slowly becoming educated on the collectibility of the silver coins due to their rarity. One other Acuna is currently listed at $299 OBO (pictured).

While a one ounce silver coin limited to just 13 should probably sell for more than $125, it sometimes takes new products time to accurately develop market values. If an non-numbered Kris Davis silver coin sells for $70, certainly one of a better player, limited as it is should sell for more, right?

Other silver coins of more popular players, despite exact production numbers not being known have sold for $110 and more. Like this example of New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge that sold for $114.49 with 27 bids. The buyer of this Bryce Harper Silver Coin got an absolute steal at $33 and could probably flip it for three times that amount!

At this time, no Silver Coins of Shohei Ohtani have been listed on eBay. It will be interesting to see what they sell for once pulled. While a few may have ended up staying in purchaser’s personal collections, it’s exciting to think that there are still easily over 12 of these coins just waiting to be found!

Baseball Treasure Silver Coins See Strong Selling Prices

GTS Distribution has a small quantity of 2019 Baseball Treasure Limited Edition in stock and ready for sale. Retailers and breakers, don’t miss out on this money making opportunity.

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