BCW Card Slab Bumpers (PSA) – NEW from BCW are these custom-fit Slab Bumpers! BCW Slab Bumpers provide protection to graded cards to help keep slabs unscratched and in pristine condition. Made from durable silicone, these are available in black or clear, and sold in packs of six bumpers.

These bumpers are sized to protect PSA graded cards. They can be stored in BCW Super Vault Boxes (1 row) and Graded Card Shoe Boxes (2 rows) for easily accessible and convenient storage of your PSA Graded Cards!

  • Configuration: 40 units per case/6 bumpers per unit

BCW Card Slab Bumpers (PSA) – Images, Features

  • Made of highly durable, non-toxic silicone
  • Fits standard PSA slabs
  • Prevents scuffing and protects edges from impact
  • Use with BCW’s Graded Shoe Boxes
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