Benchwarmer Treasure Chest (2015) celebrates the very best of Benchwarmer “Past & Present” with (10) Autograph, Relic, SPs or Autograph/Relic Cards in Every Box! Featuring unreleased cards from the last several years of Benchwarmer releases; plus all new Original Content including Treasure Chest Autographs and the return of “Pirates Booty”! The unreleased cards are not “buyback” cards; but real unreleased inserts from the Benchwarmer Archives! LIMITED PRODUCTION!

Configuration: (16) boxes / (10) hits per box*
* Each box contains (10) Autograph, Relic,SPS or Autograph/Relic Hits

every benchwarmer treasure chest (2015) BOX guarantees:

  • (10) Autograph, Relic, SPs or Autograph/Relic Cards

benchwarmer treasure chest (2015) product highlights:

  • (10) Per Box – Autograph, Relic, SPs or Autograph/Relic Cards!
  • New! Treasure Chest Premium Base Cards
  • New! Treasure Chest Autographs
  • New! Parallel Foil Colors
  • New! Pirates Booty Autographs
  • New! Treasure Chest Kiss Cards
  • New! “Chest” Premium Autographs
  • Previously Unreleased Cards from the Benchwarmer Archives
  • All Signatures are On-Card
  • ZERO (0) Redemptions


 2015 Treasure Chest Sell Sheet 12015 Treasure Chest Sell Sheet 2



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