Box Break: 2022 Bowman Baseball Cards – It’s the start of a new era for The Hobby’s Web Show, as Rob announced that Ivan stepped away from the show and Chris Steuber is the new co-host of Go GTS Live. From all of us at Go GTS Live, we wish Ivan well in his future endeavors. But, the show must go on and Rob and Chris brought the collecting community an informative and loaded show full of hobby news, product releases and of course, incredible box breaks!

Rob and Chris had plenty of goodies to give away and shared the wealth they ripped from a box of 2022 Bowman Baseball Cards. During the latest Go GTS Live episode that aired on Thursday, May 26, 2022, the boys pulled plenty of great hits and made some lucky listeners extremely happy!

If you were unable to watch the Box Break LIVE, we’ve got you covered (even though you should always watch LIVE for a chance to WIN FREE CARDS 😉)!

Press play on the video below, and you’ll see that the hits keep coming on Go GTS Live!

Tune in to our live web show every Thursday at 9PM EST/6PM PST. We cover all of the latest hobby news and preview the latest products by opening them right on the show. Instead of selling the hits, or selling spots into the break, WE GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE to our loyal listeners! All you have to do is watch us on Livestream, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or Twitch and follow our instructions during the broadcasts.

Twitch Prime subscribers gain access to win hits from our special Twitch breaks. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you get one FREE subscription to any Twitch channel of your choice. We would love if you would consider subscribing to Go GTS Live, as it helps offset the cost of shipping the cards from our Box Breaks to the winners. We have a handy guide, which can be viewed here, to help you sign up and subscribe to our Twitch channel for FREE with an Amazon Prime account.

Thank you for watching!

Box Break: 2022 Bowman Baseball Cards

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