Captain America 2 Autograph Signers List Announced – Upper Deck’s production of trading cards under the Marvel license has been tremendous. From Iron Man and Thor to Avengers and Captain America, the effort put forth by the company to insure high quality content for collectors should be applauded. The company recently released the list of autograph signers for their latest Marvel offering. This one coincides with the movie debut for Captain America 2 and is as follows:

Hayley Atwell, Cobie Smulders, Dominic Cooper, Georges St. Pierre, Sebastian Stan, Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis, Dexter Vines, Esad Ribic, Frank D’Armata, Joe Sinnott, Jorge Molina, Mark Waid, Richard Starkings, Ron Garney, Steve Epting and Steve McNiven

For complete details, visit the product page here.

Captain America 2 Autograph Signers List Announced
With a passionate focus on high quality craftsmanship, innovation and cutting-edge technology, The Upper Deck Company revolutionized the trading card experience in 1989 and raised the standards of collectible cards to a new level. Packs from the company’s first baseball set featured color photography, an anti-counterfeit hologram on every card and foil wrapping. The set was an instant hit with collectors.

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