The Caster Chronicles CCG: Full Product Launch – From the creators of the Force of Will TCG comes an exciting new trading card game, The Caster Chronicles. Players take on the roles of students at a mysterious academy hiding a dark secret. The school has become a battleground as creatures from the magical realm have taken over the academy, forming contract with students to fight for them.

Advent of Demons ~ The Caster Chronicles First Booster Pack

  • Release Date: 10/20/2017
  • Preorder Date: 08/10/2017
  • Configurations: 6 boxes / 20 packs / 8 cards

The Caster Chronicles CCG: Full Product LaunchSomewhere in the world, at a prestigious academy, there is a rumor that the old bell in the academy tower brings good luck. On the day of the academy’s 49th entrance ceremony, the bell suddenly vanished. Creatures from the magical world have taken over the academy, forming contracts with the students to become casters to fight for them. Will you survive this exciting new battleground?

This booster pack contains a plethora of cards for each of the game’s seven elements and strategies. These booster packs are for players who’ve tried the game and want more than what the starter decks have to offer. With seven different distinct elements supported in this first booster pack, there’s guaranteed to be cards and a playstyle for anyone to enjoy!

Product Contents:
• 1 Pack Contains 8 Random Cards
• 1 Box Contains 20 Packs
• 1 Carton Contains 6 Boxes

Pre-order purchase of 1 box earns a limited PR card. Customer purchase of 3 boxes earns a limited rubber playmat. (After first printing these items may become unavailable.)

The Caster Chronicles CCG: Full Product Launch

Getting into the game is easy for players with 2 fifty card starter decks to choose from, Arrogant Swallowtail and Wings of Anger. Plus, the booster box Advent of Demons allows players to build their own decks or supplement the starters. Pre-order a booster box to receive a limited edition PR card and 3 boxes to receive a limited rubber playmat.


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