Choosing the Right Sports Memorabilia Supplies – You’ve spent a lot of time and money building your collection. Choosing the right supplies to store, display, archive and curate your collection is a must for any collector. Luckily GTS Distribution carries a wide range of storage supplies for just about every collectible category. This includes supplies for trading cards, toys & action figures, sports and entertainment memorabilia, numismatics, comic books, gaming and more.

Choosing the Right Trading Card Storage Supplies


Here is a guide to choosing the sports and entertainment memorabilia supplies for your own individual collecting needs. This includes a look at some products you might necessarily be aware exist. If your local shop doesn’t carry the supplies you need, simply ask them to contact GTS Distribution to place an order.

In future posts, we will provide guides to choosing supplies for other aforementioned collectible categories. You can also read previously published posts on the subject:

Supply Product Manufacturers

There are two primary manufactures of sports & entertainment memorabilia supplies; BCW Supplies and UltraPro. Each company carries a vast line of products to help collectors properly store and display their collection. The product lines they carry are so vast not even GTS Distribution can stock them all. However, we can place special orders for specific products not in our inventory. Just call or shop our full line of each manufacturer’s products by clicking the links above.

Choosing the Right Sports Memorabilia Supplies

Baseball Holders & Displays

One of the most commonly purchased sports memorabilia items by collectors is baseball holders. There are several different types of holders available to collectors. They range in price depending on the features offered. Most typically offer UV protection to prevent signatures from fading. Options include the types of base (wood, plastic, etc), shape (square, circle) and a few come with an adjacent holder for a baseball card.

Shop our full line of baseball holders.

Other Ball Holders

As you would imagine, every sports’ signature piece of equipment has a holder.

Hockey Puck Holders

Much like baseball, hockey holders come in a similar variety with the aforementioned base and shape options.

Other Sports Equipment Holders

Full-sized and mini-holders and display cases for bats, helmets, basketballs and more.

Bobbleheads, Figure & Die-cast Displays

Sports and entertainment collectibles transcend any one type of collectible. As a result, there has been increasing demand by collectors for premium display supplies for items that compliment their existing collections.

There are options available with clear displays and both a vertical or horizontal presentation. Options are available to display and protect Beanie Babies, plush collectibles, bobblehead dolls, action figures, vinyl figures and other figurines including LEGOS and OYOS.

Here is a look at some of the unique display items available for toys, figure and die-casts.

Display & Storage for Photographs, Posters, Pennants, Ticketss

Almost every collector has at least one of these items in their collection.. Whether just a fan souvenir or an autographed collectible, GTS Distribution carries an array of supplies to fit everything from 4×6 to posters and everything in-between.


Choosing the Right Sports Memorabilia Supplies

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