Collectors Thrilled with Overtime Hockey Pack Promotion – This ongoing partnership between The Upper Deck Company and GTS Distribution to provide GTS customers and their collectors with exclusive hockey trading cards continues to thrill collectors, drive retail traffic and create a tough chase element for player collectors.

By designing value-added content and rewarding loyal customers with Overtime Promotional Packs, this tried and true sales incentive has proven to be a boon to hobby shops across the United States and Canada for four straight years.

Michael Fruitman of Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards in Aurora, Colorado had this to say about the return of the promotion. “GTS and Upper Deck once again lit the lamp with their Overtime promotion this year. If any (trading card) manufacturer is looking for the best way to offer a promotion to shops, they should look at this one for sure.”

2015-16 Overtime Promotion - Connor McDavid Next in Line -49He went on to describe his customer’s thoughts on the subject. “Collectors who have enjoyed the OT packs in the past, came in asking about them before I even announced that they were part of the process. It has also been fun sharing them with so many of the new or returning NHL collectors with the (overall) interest in 15/16 hockey products with Connor (McDavid) and the other exciting rookies.”

Regarding the pending release of Wave 2 of the Overtime Packs Promotion, Fruitman stated, “We are REALLY looking forward to Wave 2, since I understand they will have cards of Connor. Many thanks to Upper Deck and GTS Distribution for stepping up to help shops reward their puck heads.”

Lou Brown, owner of Legends Sports & Games in Grand Rapids, Michigan states, “I think it is great that GTS works hard to create promotional programs that I can in turn use for my customers. They feel that they are getting an added value when buying from us and it builds consumer loyalty. I hope to see more promotions like this.”

The aforementioned Wave 2 of the Overtime Packs Promotion, kicks off this week with the release of 2015-16 Upper Deck NHL Trilogy Hockey.

Recent sales on eBay seem to back up this customer sentiment with several cards outperforming previous year’s sales.

Even non-autographed low number parallels of the “Great One” are commanding top dollar as seen in these two recent examples of sales of the 2015-16 Overtime Flash Of Excellence Wayne Gretzky Red Parallel #’d to 10.

Even less rare versions like these numbered to 25 are commanding respectable dollars for non-autographed parallels.

But how do these numbers compare to sales of comparable cards? Using the Carey Price autographed example above and looking for recent sales of autographs without being low numbered, first you find that 2015-16 Upper Deck NHL Black Diamond Hockey is the only current year product to have non-buyback autographs of the Montreal Canadiens’ netminder. These two sold for $29 and $22.50 respectively.

Be sure to ask your local hobby shop about 2015-16 Overtime Hockey Packs from GTS/Upper Deck. If you are a retailer interested in receiving these packs for your customers, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

2015-16 Overtime Hockey Pack Realized eBay Prices

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