Contest: 2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL Pick ’em #WinWithGTS

Contest: 2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL Pick ’em #WinWithGTS – During a beta test shoot for the upcoming, LIVE streaming hobby, related web show, Go GTS Live, we broke a box of 2015 Topps Triple Threads Football. We will be giving away the hits from the break to, not one, but two lucky winners!

Here is what you need to do to enter the contest and be eligible to win:

  1. Follow GTS Distribution Sports & Entertainment on Twitter@GTSDistribution
  2. Retweet the link to this post directly from Twitter
  3. Reply to @GTSDistribution with the hash tag #WinWithGTS
  4. Include the winners of the following NFL Week 16 match-ups:
    1. Patriots vs Jets
    2. Steelers vs Ravens
    3. Browns vs Chiefs
    4. Redskins vs Eagles
    5. Rams vs Seahawks
    6. Giants vs Vikings
  5. As the tie-breaker, include the total points that will be scored in the Monday Night Football Game on December 28th, 2015 between the Bengals and the Broncos

It’s that easy. So your entry Tweet (after Following and Retweeting the link to this post) will look like this as, an example:

#WinWithGTS Jets, Raves, Browns, Redskins, Rams, Giants – 45

We will randomly select one Grand Prize winner and one runner-up from the eligible, winning entries. Contest starts immediately and ends on Saturday, December 26th, 2015 at 6pm EST.

Contest: 2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL Pick ’em #WinWithGTS  – Grand Prize Package

2015 Topps Triple Threads Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas Triple Relic #’d 1/9

Contest: 2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL Pick ’em #WinWithGTS – Runner-Up Prize Package

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